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Adrienne Rozells

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Originally from San Diego, California, Adrienne Rozells received her BA in Creative Writing from Oberlin College. She has published poetry, creative nonfiction, and microfiction in both print and online publications. Her work has been nominated for the Best Microfiction Anthology, the O. Henry Award, and the Best of the Net Prize. Adrienne's debut poetry book, caryatid heart, is available to order through Alien Buddha Press!


Adrienne worked as a teaching assistant for introductory fiction at Oberlin, where she also taught four semesters of Cryptozoology. She has served as a Writer in Residence at Langston Middle School, and worked as a youth writing instructor for Lake Eerie Ink. She currently serves as an ESOL tutor in the Hartford Public Library system. She is co-EIC at Catchwater Magazine, and EIC of Poor Yorick Journal. She previously read for Wild Roof Journal and Triquarterly. She is an MFA candidate at Western Connecticut State University. 

image and photo credit: Emma Halpern



Fiction & Creative Nonfiction

ReBot9 in Radon Journal


Job History in The Cloudscent Journal

I Sing of Girls Loved by Gods in en*gendered

Paige out of Time in Roi Fainéant Press

Pandemic Boyfriend in Journal of Erato

Collectors in Cool Rock Repository 

Breathing Exercise, Home Sounds Like, and Growing in The Birdseed

Memories of Penang in Wilder Voice Magazine


Spider Season and The Ghost in with confetti

The Whaley House in The Hallowzine

starshine and jellyfish in Sledgehammer Lit

Seafoam Memory in the tide rises, the tide falls

what i'm thinking in Kissing Dynamite Poetry

To the Platypus in Cool Rock Repository

Three Pieces in Voidspace Zine's Blackout issue

Growth Zine in Black Stone/White Stone Press

Halloween House in Brave Voices Magazine

tomato plant in Boats Against the Current

Phaedrus Said... in Swim Press

Lessons Learned On A Day At The Beach in Amphora Magazine


Reasons I Cannot be Polished as Easily

as a Rock in a Tumbler in Selcouth Station

things Will has texted me in Palest Blue

EMDR in Healthline Zine


In Print

The Rocket Equation in Labyrinth Anthologies

Issue 1: Celestial Bodies

San Diego, CA to Cleveland, OH in Paddler Press

Issue 4: Light (also available to download)

caryatid heart from Alien Buddha Press


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Adrienne's upcoming novels

Other Projects

Poor Yorick Journal

Adrienne works as Editor in Chief at Poor Yorick Journal, a lit mag created by students of Western Connecticut State University's MFA program. She is currently pursuing her Masters in Creative and Professional writing at WCSU.

Catchwater Magazine

Adrienne works as Editor in Chief at Catchwater Magazine alongside Miranda Purcell and web manager Emma Halpern. She is a founder of the journal. Alongside editing, she is in charge of Catchwater's social media, and has hosted their virtual readings.

Podcast Appearances

Adrienne was featured in two episodes of the Wild Roof Journal podcast: 

Episode 3

Episode 7

Adrienne appeared in the final episode of

All Roads Lead From Oberlin, which you can listen to here.


Adrienne taught Cryptozoology alongside co-instructor William Axelrod, through Oberlin's Experimental College. The Experimental College has existed for more than 50 years, as an accredited division of the College that offers courses taken by over a thousand unique students each year. Adrienne and Will taught for four semesters, in person and over Zoom during COVID-19, serving more than 50 students. They are happy to have passed the course on to Crypto alumni upon graduation.

They have been featured in several articles about the "craziest courses" one can take in college. They also presented as part of the inaugural Oberlin Exco Fair. Here is an article about it, featuring a quote from Adrienne.

They are currently working to produce a podcast on the subject.

Spirit Skies (The Hummingbird Project)


The Hummingbird Project was conceived with the idea of getting kids interested in nature conservation, as well as offering an opportunity for readers to travel the world through reading. Each installation of the graphic novel series explores a different region through the eyes of a hummingbird.


Spirit Skies is an international collaboration, which began in San Diego at Canyon Crest Academy. As a founding member and President of CCA's Envision Conservatory for the Humanities, Adrienne spent three years as the project lead. She wrote and edited the original script for Volume One, managed the writing and art teams, conceptualized the concept as well as characters, and helped to create the interactive website

She was also able to present the work at Comic-Con International two years in a row. She moderated the Spirit Skies panel at San Diego Comic Fest. She also presented at the San Diego Arts Empower Conference.

Odyssey Online

Adrienne worked as the EIC of Oberlin College's chapter of Odyssey before she even officially made it to campus. She was the team's most-viewed writer, and published 28 articles between 2016 and 2017. These were some Adrienne's early writings, and her first foray into reporting. If you'd like to read them, they can be found here

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